I enjoy the Black Mirror show. Sometimes I feel as though I enjoy what the show could be more than what it is. That being said. The episode Crocodile is absolutely the kind of episode that lives up to my expectations. This episode truly takes you on a journey where every turn in unexpected. It is unlike any episode the show has broadcast since the initial episode. I love how you get an opportunity to be surprised.

The characters all have a time to shine. The little bit of diversity displayed doesn’t feel forced. In fact, the inclusion of those characters is about the warmest aspects of the episode. That is the concept of family. Which you can see it imprinted all over. After watching it I have some thoughts that it wasn’t happenstance but very much planned. But that is me just reflecting on what I watched.

The villain is cold, adaptive, calculating and determined. This villain isn’t typically seen on screen. It is quite beautiful to see chances taken with the direction this film goes in. I want to be sure not to give anything away other than I think horror fans will be happy with this episode. Check it out. It is crazy to consider one of the best horror entries of the year being from a television show. Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 3.

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Author: Wil Munny

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