I got to tell you something. I had no clue what Creep was supposed to be about when I first saw it. I feel like found footage type of movies are so miss more than hit. My expectations for it were very low. But when I started watching the film and got to the bathtub scene which segue into the introduction of “Peach Fuzz”. I was hooked.

This is the story of when answering an online ad goes wrong. The film is kind of fun. It is filled with so many “why don’t you just walk away dude” moments. It is kind of crazy when you see it happening. Mark Duplass, in my opinion, has created a character that anyone could bump into in real life. The script is so clever and disturbing. Mark is so manipulative and cunning in this film. It was such a departure from him in “The League.” If you want to be on the edge of your seats because you enjoyed watching someone be emotionally fucked with nonstop. Then this is your film. Because Aaron invited some high-quality crazies into his life. I truly believe that this film deserves an opportunity to have a trilogy of these films made. Go check out this film. It is on Netflix.

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Author: Wil Munny

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