Cold Prey 2

Even though Cold Prey 2 isn’t directed by the incredible Roar Uthaug is doesn’t fail to deliver. It follows the event of the first film. With the final girl played once again by Ingrid Bolse Berdal. She is Jannicke and this time she has an opportunity rarely given, a rematch. The film is familiar to Halloween 2. Where the final girl is being treated in the hospital and carnage takes place there. The Mountain Man does a great impression of Michael Myers in this sequel. Let’s just say working in a hospital after a serial killer’s massacre is not a place anyone of us would want to be.

This second part of the trilogy cements it as a great addition to the tradition of great non-American horror. What makes this different than other non-American horror movies is that is a sequel. Most non-American films are one and done. Which is what I usually prefer from my films. However, this mythos and Mountain Man character deserves all the films they can muster.

I hope this rambling is enough to convince you to give this sequel a chance. I don’t want to give away anything. Just check it out. I doubt you will be disappointed. especially if you are a slasher film fan.

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Author: Wil Munny

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