Bone Tomahawk

The movie is brilliant. It is not just a movie that I like or love. Because I like or love a great amount of bad films. However, this is not one of them. This movie is without a doubt the Citizen Kane of frontier life horror movies. To be honest I’m sort of speechless right now. I just finished watching this film again. Unfortunately, you are here to read what I say. Let me start up with the story.

A group of people living out in the most remote parts of the ever-expanding frontier of America. Have their lives interrupted by a series of crimes that take place in one evening. A murder, horse theft, and kidnappings are the crime that occur. It isn’t until the morning that these crimes are discovered. Once they are discovered a group of men led by Sheriff Hunt. A role played brilliantly by Kurt Russell. He along with his deputy, a friend, and the wounded husband of the lone woman snatched by the kidnappers begin a 3-day search for the victims. This search is filled with danger as the kidnappers have been confirmed to a cannibalistic group of natives that make up the Troglofauna Clan with no name. Everyone knows they are walking a dark path. A path that leads to their deaths. However, they have to go.

Nothing in the film is easy. The only thing that appears to happen with ease are the kidnappings and murders committed by the Trolofauna Clan. Everything else in the film is hard. The terrain and hostile environment makes the attempted rescue difficult.

That is this film in a nutshell. But let me warn you of something. This film has one of the most infamous death scenes shot in recent decades. You will know it when you see it. Just be aware that it will mess with you. It is as barbaric of a method to kill someone that I can recall or compare it with.

This is a must-see. For this being the first film, the director Steven Craig Zahler made a lasting impression. He followed it up with Brawl in Cell Block 99. This guy knows what the hell he is doing. Go onto amazon prime video or wherever and find this film.

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