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Life is funny. You can’t always choose who you love. But you can chose how much you love them. That is the moral of this story. Qiao is the young woman who flouts the clouts she has gained due to her relationship with Bin. A small-time player in the criminal underworld in Datong, China. Their relationship is clearly defined by the adoration they give each other constantly. However, the underlying and unseen force that is against them is the same thing that fuels them. Their involvement in criminal underground society and ethics know as Jianghu.

From how little is explained it, Jianghu is almost like the ethereal and as valuable as the oxygen we breathe. It sets up the whole ethical foundation that the people involved lives in. There are numerous examples shown in the film. From when a loan debt is settled to the taking the fall for a crime. It is the unspoken code of ethics that has no word to describe how it is what it is. Similar to the code of the streets. It is a way of life. Only people involved understand and recognize what it means.

Qiao and Bin embark down the road together only to hit a figurative and literal crossroads. It is at that crossroad that both characters undergo a remarkable change. From reluctant participant to accepting of their new station in life. Both Qiao and Bin are forced to come to terms with how life has turned and changed them. It is so interesting. I can tell you that the film’s character arc feels so real. You will understand why the film is looked upon positively by fans all over the world. It is definitely worth checking out.

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Author: Wil Munny

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