This film is not to be confused with another Mads Mikkelsen film named Polar. I love how much of the film involves Mads performing without dialog. He is an actor of the highest level. He just exudes so much character and emotions through the film. I was so impressed by everything about the film. The cinematography in this film was one of the prettiest I saw from a film so far this year. The location is the perfect setting for so many beautiful shots. This is one of my favorite new films of the year.

The story begins with the Overgård the lone survivor of a plane crash attempting to carve out an existence in the harsh reality of the Arctic landscape. He spends his day fighting to maintain a sense of optimism and sustenance. All which of those which seem difficult to come by easily.

That pretty much sums up the film. Don’t get me wrong. There is conflict. Obviously there is. And there is also Mads eating raw fish and other food. Which anytime he eats it feels like he is paying homage to “Hannibal”. That being said the film is solid and the ending is actually pretty freaking awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this to anyone. Ok, maybe to a person that loves Marvel films. Other than those peeps. This film is incredible. Joe Penna made a great film. Perfect film to just chill and watch. His next film sounds to be as interesting as this film was. Stowaway starring Toni Collette and Anna Kendrick. I can’t wait. And props to the cinematographer Tómas Örn Tómasson. He filmed a beautiful film. I can see myself watching this a few times in 2020.

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